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Physical Commodity Services

Trade Commodity Services with FIS

For clients looking to source dry bulk cargoes, FIS can take advantage of close and longstanding relationships with raw materials producers and consumers in the world's major supply and demand centres.

The FIS approach is to deliver flexibility above all, acting as broker between producers and end users, providing a tailored service based on experience and market intelligence.

"The container FFA market has been created in response to the continued volatility witnessed in the container freight market."

FIS provides a complete service

We focus on sourcing and selling coal, iron ore and millscale cargoes on behalf of end users, traders and mining houses.

That relationship can extend to choice of terms - either long term or spot contract - priced to meet customer requirements, whether they be spot, contract or index-linked.

Our principal business areas include movement of raw materials to and from India as well as supply of high quality iron ore from the US West Coast to China.

For iron ore cargoes, FIS works with US Iron LLC, a mining company that owns two mines and holds another under a long term lease, selling direct to a diverse base of customers. US Iron produces magnetite iron ore fines and lumps and has shipped iron products throughout the US and overseas. Domestic and international customers include steel mills, traders, chemical and fertilizer manufacturers and coal preparation plants.

Its products are among the highest quality of their type available for sale on the spot market. US Iron process its material using a dry magnetic separation technique that avoids excessive moisture and delivers product consistency.

Operating in China?

For clients moving ore into China, FIS' bilingual Singapore-based staff have close and long-standing relationships with steel mills and import permit holders. Our local knowledge of the mills and their production capacities can assist suppliers to target and focus sales strategy into the Chinese ports.

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