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Trade Coking Coal Futures with FIS

FIS began marketing and broking coking coal derivatives in 2010, after identifying a need for risk management tools to hedge and trade this increasingly volatile product.

Freight Investor Services has successfully incubated successful swap markets in freight, iron ore, fertilizers, steel and scrap and bunker fuel and can bring a decade of experience to bear in coking coal.

"FIS believes coking coal has the potential to mirror the development of the iron ore swap market."

FIS believes coking coal has the potential to mirror the development of the iron ore swap market – a highly liquid market – attracting players from financial and commodity communities.

Sensing the opportunity of changing markets, FIS created the Virtual Steel Mill concept.

This mirrors similar complexes in energy and agriculture where inputs and outputs of the industrial process can be traded together, managing risk across the supply chain.

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Coking Coal Market Indices

There are now three indices against which coking coal swaps can be traded. These are:
  • Australian Coking Coal (Platts) Low Vol Futures against which the first lots traded have been concluded.
  • Australian Coking Coal (TSI) Premium Coking Coal FOB East Coast Australia.
  • China Coking Coal (TSI) Premium Coking Coal, CFR Jingtang.
  • As during the development of the iron ore swap market, FIS remains open-minded as to the market’s preferred choice of index provider and will work to assist the development of alternatives as needed.