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225.00 2.05%

Iron Ore


0.85 1.12%

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Coking Coal


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Nola Urea


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Why trade fertilizer futures?

Natural sellers, such as fertilizer producers can lock in margin progressively for a proportion of their length of contract.

Traders can lock in margin in a rising or falling market.

Wholesalers, distributors or industrial buyers can secure forward prices for inputs to underpin downstream retail or end-user sales.

End-users can secure a forward price and manage exposure to physical market volatility.

"Fertilizer futures provide an opportunity to test the strength of forward prices and the depth of the market without committing product or capital."

Why trade fertilizer futures with FIS?

Building a swaps position in tandem with a physical book allows margins to be secured and management of exposure to extreme price changes in the physical market. The FIS fertilizer swap leverages a well-established and growing client base which includes some of the largest trading companies in the world.

FIS is tapping this huge market with the FIS Fertilizer Swaps, a cleared, cash-settled derivative that can be traded standalone or combined with freight or other commodities for full risk management. FIS has successfully established the FIS fertilizer swaps platform in the Nitrogen (Urea & UAN), DAP, and Ammonia markets to serve a well-established and growing client base.

FIS has been trading swaps settled against the long-standing and robust Fertilizer Index for five years. The addition of clearing will increase trading capacity, improve operational efficiencies and facilitate optional post-trade anonymity, making the product more appealing to participants from outside the industry — particularly financial institutions.

Fertilizer Market Indices

The Fertilizer Index is a single reference price calculated from three weekly price ranges using a simple averaging technique - provided by: