Coking Coal Swaps Update | May 2014

The market in coking coal derivatives continues to evolve at a rapid pace. During the first four months of 2014 alone, the market has seen more than 800,000 tonnes traded compared to 168,000 tonnes in 2013.

Market participation is increasing too, with the number of active counterparties doubling in the last six months. Regional interest is growing, with coking coal of increasing interest to counterparties from the US and Asia.

To support the development of the coking coal swaps market and to encourage greater understanding of the opportunities that these derivatives provide, FIS is hosting a live webinar at 09:00 UK time, on 29 May, 2014.

The webinar will include an introduction to the coking coal swaps market, a review of how it has grown over the past year, where that growth is coming from, what is behind the recent increase in volumes and where the market could be going next.

Also included is an explanation of how coking coal swaps fit into the Virtual Steel Mill suite of ferrous products – what are the arbitrage and complementary trading opportunities between coking coal and products such as iron ore and the new ASEAN HRC contract?

FIS brokers will be joined by industry experts to provide a complete overview of the market and provide new participants with the introduction they need to join this exciting, emerging market.

To take part simply click the link to sign up.

If you would like more information about coking coal swaps, or the FIS coking coal webinar forum, please contact Holly Midwinter-Porter (London) on, tel +44 (0)207 090 1126 or Jarek Mlodziejewski (Singapore) tel +65 6535 5189.