Risk Management for the Container Freight Market

FIS will be taking part in a webinar hosted by The Baltic Exchange on 28 October, discussing how the #FBX Index can be used to manage risk in the container freight market.


Container freight is subject to much volatility throughout the year and is experiencing yet another spike in rates fuelled by equipment shortages and tight capacity.


The webinar will address how the market can mitigate the extremes of this volatility using the FBX Global Container Index.


FIS Container FFA broker Peter Stallion will present on current issues facing the market and how the FBX can be used to mitigate them.


He will also take part in a panel discussion looking at future developments and the role of CFFAs with the Baltic’s Mark Jackson, Lars Jensen, CEO SeaIntelligence, Dave Briggs, Director, The Scoular Company and Keith Gaskin, Group Commercial Director, SEKO Logistics.


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