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  • Capesize to gain from shortage of containers

    Capesize paper market had inched up over the past days, despite limited physical trading activity and lower freight rates.

  • Back to business as usual as GRI fails again

    The failure of the latest GRI and subsequent rate extensions have put rates back into their usual pattern of free-fall, negating the increase we saw last week, with the jury out on whether a mid-Dec GRI stands a better chance of success.

  • Hapag-Lloyd fails to float on time

    Rates from Asia to North West Europe jumped a whopping $757 to $988 per TEU on the back of the November 1st GRI, representing the highest level on the route for 13 weeks – but remain 25% lower than the same period of 2014.

  • Maersk downgrades while carriers pin hopes on GRI strategy

    With anecdotal reports suggesting high utilisations for the last week of October, expectations are that the planned GRIs of around $1,000 per TEU will at least be partially successful.

  • Container Freight Market Update

      Container Freight – how low can they go? Another all time-low in container freight rates was reached last week not only on the Asia-North West Europe trade but also on the comprehensive index. Rates to Europe fell $58 to $284 per TEU and have now fallen a whopping $577 in just four weeks, whilst…

  • Is it time carriers expanded their armoury beyond ineffective GRIs?

    Container carriers continue to believe that GRIs are the only weapon against rate decreases. But as Asia-NWE rates hit a new low, FIS analysis suggests FFAs would provide much more effective protection.

  • SCFI – Bigger ships and aggressive pricing are driving volatility surge

    A combination of pricing policies designed to chase market share and the ordering of ever larger ships is behind a toxic volatility trend for liner operators.

  • May Day but no revolution in sight

    Rates across the European trade lanes diverged this week, highlighting the differences in supply and demand between the two trades, with North West Europe falling again while rates to the Med jumped – a development which highlights the difficulties carriers face in trying to prevent further rate erosion.

  • New lows and GRIs: just another week in the box trades

    Container lines are continuing to answer new freight rate lows with the only tool they know how to use – cancelled sailings and GRIs. Trouble is they are not turning the tide and there is a far better way to control pricing…

  • April is the cruellest month, May little better

    Rates on the key Asia-NWE route fell $45 this week to an all-time low of $466 per TEU, 60% lower than the corresponding period of 2014. Carriers have been left to observe as rates have dwindled over the past 11 weeks, seemingly powerless to react as cumulative declines reached $790 since January.