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  • Janet Yellen – Saviour of the commodities market?

    If you haven’t been following the commodities markets closely you might have been mistaken in thinking that the world economic situation was improving. Iron ore up, Brent up, base metals up – it’s a positive bull market! The reality is unfortunately a little bit different. The bulk of the world’s commodities trade takes place in…

  • Hot air, clean air and new opportunities

    A brutal afternoon sell off on DCE looked overdone but pulled swaps down too – but does this create the conditions for a relief rally in coming days?

  • Iron Ore Swaps – still too cheap to sell?

    Swaps came under pressure following both the onshore futures markets down. But these all-time low levels are starting to look cheap given that the physical is not as weak as the paper (TSI actually printed +0.50 cents to $58.50 Tuesday).

  • New FIS Weekly Reports: Your Markets Covered

    FIS has provided authoritative coverage of the freight and commodity derivative markets for more than a decade, delivering the data, insight and expertise to support our clients trading freight and commodity derivatives. To help our clients navigate changing markets we are publishing two new reports to support our vision of an integrated commodity derivatives market.