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  • Advent – The coming of Roy Hill

    For some commodities there can be said to be light at the end of the tunnel. In iron ore, that light is just another trainload of cargo.

  • Now or never for a freight rally?

    Not a week in the freight market that many will recall fondly, if at all. All the key indicators – save the Panamax index – were in negative territory up to Thursday and signals from the cargo market suggest little end weak demand or sentiment.

  • Biggest not beautiful in a mixed week for freight

    It was never going to be much of a session given the Golden week holiday and so it proved. In fact with iron ore seeming to bump along the bottom and Brent Crude bouncing back, there was some enthusiasm on paper for what might, just turn into a Q4 rally after all.

  • China PMI, weak industrial data bearish for 2016 iron ore but easier credit may help – FIS

    The series of shocks which convulsed the ore and steel markets this year have prompted more attention to be given (by those who primarily watch spot prices) to Chinese economic indicators which may offer a directional clue.

    They do offer some clues and most are bearish:

    China’s PMI (purchasing managers’ index), a key indicator of manufacturing sector health, hit a post-financial crisis low of 47.3 in August as output, purchases and new orders fell.
    Factory data has been disappointing – Industrial production grew at just over 6 per cent in August, below its 7 per cent target.
    The Chinese property market – a key steel and copper consumer – is showing some near-term signs of recovery but the longer-term outlook for property remains grim.
    Fixed Asset Investment grew at the slowest rate for 15 years – infrastructure spending will continue to be local and smaller-scale than the gigantic projects of recent years.
    Automobile sales fell 3 per cent to 1.66 million vehicles in August 2015 from a year ago, with the sharpest fall in passenger vehicles.
    This despite the fifth interest rate cut in a year to 4.6 per cent in August and a cut of 300 basis points for finance leasing and auto leasing companies on September 6.

  • Join FIS for an free update on the iron ore market

    FIS, the Global Leader in Dry Bulk derivatives, will host an update on the iron ore market on Tuesday 22 September, during the 15th China Int’l steel & Raw Materials Qingdao conference.

  • FIS Weekly Market Update

    Coking Coal Coke export figure at the biggest coke export centre Tianjin port increased 26.5% to 4.25 million tonnes in the first five months compared with last year. (Custom data) Steel (Reuters) – China’s crude steel output fell 1.7 percent in May from a year earlier, government data showed on Thursday, as a sluggish economy…

  • FIS Technical Reports now available

    July Brent Breaks Trend Resistance – Buy Level on Close above US$65.83   July Brent closed above a trend resistance yesterday (09/6/15), indicating that buyers are starting to once again get a foothold in the market. A close above US$65.83 should activate fresh buying interest. Open interest has been on the increase since the 28/05/15,…

  • Join FIS in Singapore for Iron Ore Week

    FIS has once again been named top broker in iron ore futures, swaps and options by SGX AsiaClear, join us to celebrate during iron ore week

  • Hot air, clean air and new opportunities

    A brutal afternoon sell off on DCE looked overdone but pulled swaps down too – but does this create the conditions for a relief rally in coming days?

  • Iron Ore Swaps – still too cheap to sell?

    Swaps came under pressure following both the onshore futures markets down. But these all-time low levels are starting to look cheap given that the physical is not as weak as the paper (TSI actually printed +0.50 cents to $58.50 Tuesday).