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  • FIS First Insight – Technical Analysis on capes, iron ore and rebar

    The FIS First Insight Technical Analysis report on Capesize freight, iron ore and rebar is now available. Click to read a summary version and how to obtain the full report.

  • Will a stronger spring help iron ore rebound?

    A strong rebound on both the onshore futures today helped push the Iron Ore Swap higher, with Feb trading 100kt at $63.25 then a 100kt at $63.00. Q2 went through at $61.25 & $61.50. Aside from the Feb trades, volumes were very light and the move on the onshore futures did little to inspire the…

  • A technical bounce – or more – for iron ore?

    A technical bounce on Iron Ore Swaps Thursday saw the market follow the onshore futures up with Dalian spiking on the morning close (London 7am) finishing at RMB 507, +2.22%. The swap trading up over $1.50 in the front end, Feb going through at $68.50 and yesterday closing at $67.

  • New FIS Weekly Reports: Your Markets Covered

    FIS has provided authoritative coverage of the freight and commodity derivative markets for more than a decade, delivering the data, insight and expertise to support our clients trading freight and commodity derivatives. To help our clients navigate changing markets we are publishing two new reports to support our vision of an integrated commodity derivatives market.

  • The hard part is knowing where the floor is

    Record volumes again on the Dalian Commodities Exchange today, with the market rallying as it broke through technical resistance at Y491. The DCE onshore futures subsequently went up to Y495 but following the re-open softened back to close at Y490 on the day. Swaps followed suit with Dec up nearly $2 on yesterday’s close of…

  • A new opportunity? 58%-Fe iron ore derivatives

    There are changes going on in the market for so-called ‘low grade’ iron ore. Increased iron ore supply, largely driven by Australian producers, has increased the proportion of ‘low-grade’ production to 46% of the country’s total output.

  • IOS: high volume but more selling pressure

    A high volume day on the Iron Ore Swap in which the market again came under increased selling pressure, with SHFE & DCE futures both finishing around 1% down and the swap down a buck from last night’s close. The Asian morning session saw some big volume trades printing particularly in November trading in size…

  • Market Commentary – support, but no sign of an iron ore rally

    9 October 2014 Coming into the London close today iron ore swaps gathered some more upward traction building on the morning session with buyers out of China pushing Oct to $79. First thing today the feeling was that many were caught offside by the uptick. Mainland exchanges were prone to short covering and rumours spread…

  • Start Your Day Right: Market Maker joins FIS Screen

    FIS has added a market-maker to the FIS LIVE screen to provide fresh morning liquidity to the Capesize TC freight, Iron Ore and Coking Coal contracts.

  • The Virtual Steel Mill is going back on the road!

      Are you in Europe paying ‘the China price’ for Brazilian iron ore while facing competition from Chinese steel exports? Are you in India competing with buyers in North Asia for Australian coking coal? Are you in Japan in competition with Chinese exporters to place finished steel tonnes into South East Asia? The recent launch…