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  • DCE hikes on China stimulus and lower supply

    Chinese futures continued to gain from China’s fiscal stimulus program and low port inventories.

  • DCE freezes by slow steel demand

    Chinese iron ore futures fell for the second consecutive trading day on Tuesday over slow steel demand and cold weather in China.

  • Will a stronger spring help iron ore rebound?

    A strong rebound on both the onshore futures today helped push the Iron Ore Swap higher, with Feb trading 100kt at $63.25 then a 100kt at $63.00. Q2 went through at $61.25 & $61.50. Aside from the Feb trades, volumes were very light and the move on the onshore futures did little to inspire the…

  • IOS: high volume but more selling pressure

    A high volume day on the Iron Ore Swap in which the market again came under increased selling pressure, with SHFE & DCE futures both finishing around 1% down and the swap down a buck from last night’s close. The Asian morning session saw some big volume trades printing particularly in November trading in size…

  • Start Your Day Right: Market Maker joins FIS Screen

    FIS has added a market-maker to the FIS LIVE screen to provide fresh morning liquidity to the Capesize TC freight, Iron Ore and Coking Coal contracts.