The container freight market is integral to the movement of goods globally. Its stability is vitally important, but the market is volatile.  In fact, the annualized volatility of the Freightos Baltic Container Global Index (FBX) reaches 25% even in normal market conditions. Volatility derives from an ongoing fluctuation of capacity supply and demand, and has very real impacts on profitability for shippers, receivers, and owners alike.

Having been a pioneer in the Dry Freight, iron ore and Ferrous Complex futures markets, FIS is now working in the container market to create the next generation of contracts, using Container Freight Forward Agreements (CFFAs) to provide a means for businesses to flexibility manage their own price risks over time.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you create agreements that can help absorb volatility, establish optionality and opportunity, and future-proof the container freight market.