Since Its Foundation In 2002, Freight Investor Services Has Been Instrumental In Developing The Market For Dry Bulk Freight Derivatives Into A Multi-Billion Dollar Global Business.

FIS is the global leader in dry bulk derivatives. With a pedigree that goes back to the formation of the dry bulk FFA market, FIS has enjoyed sustained growth in each year of operation. We have a proven ability to recognise, develop and exploit nascent derivative markets and consistently deliver the most accurate data, insight and expertise to support them. Our experts have the background and experience to understand not only the forces that drive markets, but also how to create products that can be used to manage trading opportunities that arise from those movements. We have leveraged our experience in freight to develop risk management tools for related commodities including Iron Ore, Steel and Scrap, Fuel Oil, Fertilizers, Tanker and Air Freight. We have expanded via our network of trading associates and branch offices to offer coverage of derivative and physical shipping markets in the UK, US, Dubai, India, Singapore and China. Through our global network, FIS offers full brokerage services, trade execution and in-depth market intelligence for dry bulk freight and commodity swaps – as well as providing physical ship and cargo services. Our expertise in managing credit and counterparty risk provides a vital competitive advantage while enabling clients to trade with confidence.

A Decade of Firsts

FIS has enjoyed number one market share for freight, iron ore, coking coal, steel and fertilizer derivatives outside China for the last eight years.
  • * We were the first broker in the cleared iron ore swaps market in 2009 and first in the cleared coking coal swaps in 2013
  • * Named leading iron ore broker by market share for seven years consecutively by SGX AsiaClear for our award-winning work with Chinese, Asian and Global customers.
  • * FIS was instrumental in establishing new Middle East fuel oil derivative contract at the Dubai Mercantile Exchange
  • * FIS pioneered the development of both iron ore and FFA Options and maintain market leader status.
FIS is present in all major commodity derivatives markets globally and is an IDB participant at The Singapore Exchange, NASDAQ, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange, European Energy Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, Dubai Mercantile Exchange. FIS holds a licence to broker FFAs in RMB via Shanghai Clearing House and acts as a give-up member of the London Metal Exchange. We act as advisors to the boards of EEX, SGX, CME, NASDAQ, LME and DME and are represented on committees of the Baltic Exchange/SGX. FIS holds the current chairmanship of the global Forward Freight Agreement Brokers Association and Iron Ore Brokers’ Association. FIS serves a global customer base which ranges from US-based hedge funds and investment banks to Australian and South African mining companies, European trading companies and a global roster of shipowners and operators. The strength of our client relationships is due to our access to key decision-makers and board members as well as strong broker-trader relationships. In 2017 FIS traded with over 1,000 clients, the majority of which had a balance sheet in excess of USD $100m. FIS customers receive comprehensive daily market reports on all our key markets and can take advantage of our global network of specialists to enjoy 24-hour market coverage.


John Banaszkiewicz

John Banaszkiewicz, commonly known as John B, co-founded Freight Investor Services in 2002, growing the company over the next 10 years into one of the world’s leading freight and commodity brokers. He previously spent 11 years at Cargill International in a variety of roles, notably as freight and grain trader in the ocean freight department. John’s determination and diligence in building liquidity in the multi-billion dollar FFA market, attracting clearing services and encouraging dialogue between users and brokers, are unquestioned among his peers. He has used this experience to develop related commodity swap markets, in iron ore, fertilizers, bunkers, steel, scrap and containers, helping to create the conditions for increased use of risk management across a wider range of products. John was the first chairman of the FFA Brokers Association and inaugural chairman of the Iron Ore & Steel Derivatives Association. He is a member of Baltic Exchange and a Financial Conduct Authority Registered Representative in the UK. He can regularly be heard speaking to shipping and financial market conferences worldwide on freight and commodity derivatives. John graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies from Newcastle Upon Tyne University in 1986. He is married to Tracy, with four children and lives in London. He is on the board of directors of Burnley Football Club and enjoys travelling, golf and reading (when he has time!).


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