Helping our clients transition to a low-emission future

Green transition team

Companies across the globe are facing a complex green transition dilemma. Building political pressure to reduce emissions is increasingly backed by game-changing regulation. Balancing the needs to decarbonise, ensure energy resilience and maintain a healthy balance sheet requires careful planning and bold action.

Our Green Transition team and brokerage work together to help clients decarbonise, strategise, source new energy systems and invest in frontier markets.

developing a plan

Companies must develop strategies for transitioning to a low-carbon world. This involves making tough decisions on investments, technologies and collaborative partnerships. These strategies must also position them for future developments, such as the emergence of alternative fuels and the prospect of tougher regulations.

consultancy services

Our consultancy provides a one-stop shop for all your carbon hedging, arranging and strategy needs. We tailor a package to suit you, partnering you through the energy transition. Listed below are some of the services we provide:

Emissions: Navigating you through the complex world of carbon credits and how they apply to your business.

Regulation: Bringing clarity to the uncertain and evolving regulatory environment.

Trading: From hedging strategy to structured trades.

Preparing you for end-of-year EU ETS and IMO reporting, monitoring and verification requirements.

Assessing your state of play, considering stakeholder attitudes, customer demands and government restrictions.

Forecast modelling, risk and scenario analysis, structured trades and hedging advice.

Connecting you with our extensive network and first-class service.


Transition markets

FIS have been at the forefront of building deep liquidity pools in markets that will be key in a transition to a low-carbon world.


battery metals

Paper & Pulp


battery metals

paper & pulp



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