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Freight Investor Services is a world-leading brokerage and service provider in freight and commodity derivatives. Since the beginning of this century, we have forged a reputation as pioneers and innovators, tirelessly striving to spearhead and develop new markets.


For all your freight and commodity risk management needs, look no further than FIS. With over two decades of experience in derivatives markets, we have built our reputation on supporting the best solutions for our clients. We have pioneered new ways of risk management, being market leaders in many commodities and continuing to develop new opportunities.

Decade of Firsts: 

FIS has enjoyed dominant market share for freight, iron ore, coking coal, steel and fertilizer derivatives outside China for the last decade. We were named No.1 bulk commodity broker by SGX for 9 years running, being award the top broker overall for bulk commodities by the Exchange.  

We pioneered the development of iron ore, FFA options, coking coal, cobalt, lithium and container markets. FIS was the first brokerage to arrange deals in the new 0.5% Sulphur content fuel contracts on SGX and CME exchanges, and continues to drive innovation across commodity markets. 


Faster and more transparent markets, and the increasing sophistication of models and algorithms have driven a large demand for real-time pricing data as well as historical data sets. FIS has answered this need with a comprehensive suite of data services, available across multiple platforms.

Access real-time pricing, delivered straight from our brokers’ screens to yours via our Bloomberg Screen, Bloomberg B-Pipe, or our custom API. Use our RFQ system to execute trades with our brokers*, via either our FIS LIVE platform or our API for those who prefer a customer dashboard. Access over a dozen years of detailed, timestamped historical trade data from the world’s leading broker on Freight and Bulk Commodities to use in modelling. 

* Base Metals only


FIS have partnered with Orion Training to develop a comprehensive online educational course to enable you to master the shipping derivative market. Within this course you can expect an in-depth breakdown of shipping risk management, an introduction to financial products and a fully customisable hedging tutorial and more. 

Our online course offer our clients a bespoke solution to their shipping needs with Orion’s Dr. Theodoropoulos on hand to seamlessly guide all new shipping enthusiasts through the world of shipping derivatives.  

Register for our online courses using the link below. 

* Orion Training and FIS operate a partnership for educational services only. The link below takes you to an external site of which FIS holds no liability.

>> Orion Training Partnership <<


Companies must develop strategies for transitioning to a low-carbon world. This involves making tough decisions on investments, technologies and collaborative partnerships. These strategies must also position them for future developments, such as the emergence of alternative fuels and the prospect of tougher regulations. Our consultancy provides a one-stop shop for all your hedging, execution and strategy needs.



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