The Oil Desk has created a strong specialist position as a player in the bunker futures market and prides itself on its level of service. We have a unique market position, centring our business on end user clients for fuel oil and gasoil hedging and trading.  

FIS has responded to the specific needs of companies by helping develop smaller volume contracts to aid shippers with specific hedging tools, we were the first broker to trade the new 0.5% grade contracts on CME and SGX pioneering the contracts available to help our customers try to mitigate their risk exposure, and we continue to be the leading broker in this specialism.  

With the increasing diversification of the market, we are also pleased to offer clearable products across the barrel: from marine fuel oils to gasoils and LPG. 

We offer services on all major exchanges: ICE, CME and SGX for sizes as small as 50mt upwards. 

Video References: The Baltic Exchange, FIS

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