For all your freight and commodity risk management needs, look no further than FIS. With over two decades of experience in derivatives markets, we have built our reputation on supporting the best solutions for our clients. We have pioneered new ways of risk management, being market leaders in many commodities and continuing to develop new opportunities. 

Decade of Firsts: 

FIS has enjoyed dominant market share for freight, iron ore, coking coal, steel and fertilizer derivatives outside China for the last decade. We were named No.1 bulk commodity broker by SGX for 9 years running, being award the top broker overall for bulk commodities by the Exchange.  

We pioneered the development of iron ore, FFA options, coking coal, cobalt, lithium and container markets. FIS was the first brokerage to arrange deals in the new 0.5% Sulphur content fuel contracts on SGX and CME exchanges, and continues to drive innovation across commodity markets. 


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