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Three Hikes and You're Out?

If the Federal Reserve is unable to hike rates in March - one of three increases planned this year - and key European elections return pro-populist governments, there is the potential for a stand-off between the EU and IMF over looming Greek debt payments. Market uncertainty and volatility are the likely results.

Identifying Trends within the Dry Freight Market

For physical and futures market traders alike, identifying the directional bias of the freight market early is one of the hardest things to do. Judging at what point is a market move in freight is considered bullish or bearish combines multiple inputs which go beyond the instinct for timing that many owners say is all they need.

Assessing the Pecking Order for 2017

As we ushered in a New Year – the year of the Rooster based on Chinese Zodiac – there are signs that demand for steel making materials may see a change or a re-allocation at least to emerging markets other than China. There is no doubt that China will continue to play a dominant role in the steel complex but its colossal neighbour to the south-west, India may get a bigger share in the months ahead.

OPEC - The King of Poker

If OPEC were a poker player, it would be pretty happy with how it has played its hand in 2016. By agreeing a production cut, it has made a massive commitment to being the credible powerhouse it once was and in the process punished the market that had taken it on.

Fujairah fuel oil contract reaches 1m tonnes traded

FIS has brokered the vast majority of tonnage since launch in May, providing new highly liquid tool for both local and global fuel oil traders. (Pic Vopak)

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