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2020 sulfur cap brings early Christmas present for fuel buyers

Shipowners faced with the rising cost of compliance with environmental regulation could be taking advantage of discounts on the future price of high sulfur fuel oil. With the 2020 deadline on the maximum permissible level of sulfur in marine bunkers fast approaching, the forward curve is heavily discounting heavy fuel oil, creating an opportunity for owners to hedge their forward fuel costs.

FIS Market Observations – October 2017

The dry bulk commodity market may have passed its summer peak in terms of activity and margin strength, but the indicators suggest that, though there will be some correction in the coming quarter, there is less chance of a full-blown bear market.

OPEC quota programme set to support fuel oil prices

There is scope for increased weakening of the crack, but with OPEC seemingly intent on keeping their supply ‘cut’ further into 2018, do not expect a flooding of heavier crude into the market soon, which will support the crack, and therefore fuel oil, at this higher level.

China fights for clear blue skies

Chinese authorities have taken their fight for cleaner air in cities up a notch. A 50% cut in sintering fines and pelletizing will affect around 20 million tonnes of steel or 7.5% of China’s national annual output. The authorities have engaged another round of plant inspections in Beijing, Tianjin and 26 other cities enforcing more stringent emissions guidelines among mills.

Dry Bulk Derivatives – 2017 Mid-Year Report

Iron Ore continues to attract strong trading and open interest | Steel producers switching to HRB may find current profit levels unsustainable | Coking Coal sees returning profitability despite high stockpiles | Scrapping has fallen and newbuildings risen but the Freight market has potential to find support.

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