-1250.00 -11.01%



50.00 0.43%

Iron Ore


0.07 0.10%

Sing 380


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Coking Coal


-15.00 -5.00%

Nola Urea


0.00 0.00%

OPEC - The King of Poker

If OPEC were a poker player, it would be pretty happy with how it has played its hand in 2016. By agreeing a production cut, it has made a massive commitment to being the credible powerhouse it once was and in the process punished the market that had taken it on.

Fujairah fuel oil contract reaches 1m tonnes traded

FIS has brokered the vast majority of tonnage since launch in May, providing new highly liquid tool for both local and global fuel oil traders. (Pic Vopak)

Looking downstream to trade upstream in the freight market

Trading and news vendors have hugely simplified the process of looking at currency markets, bond markets and stock indices to make real-time decisions. Commodity traders too, can benefit hugely by looking ‘downstream’ to help define market moves they are expecting in the near future.

Coking coal: a Chinese summer - an Indian autumn?

To judge by the recent price moves in coking coal, the commodity seems to be taking a rocket trip to the moon: the only way is up. But the future could be more complicated.

Where now for the great commodity surge?

Where now for the great commodities surge?

At the beginning of 2016 analysts were unanimous that oil would have a poor first half and iron ore would be the worst performing commodity on the block. Clearly the commodities markets didn’t receive the memo.

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